In order for the Company’s directors, executives, and employees to have excellent conduct and behave in a professional manner, as well as being ethical, responsible for the economy and society, and supporting a good corporate governance system based on honesty, fairness and transparency. Therefore, the Company’s business ethics and code of conduct has been established as a standard to serve as a guideline for business operations and for directors, executives, employees and all parties involved have been informed and considered as a guideline for further action.


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        The Company understands the need of excellent corporate governance as a vital aspect in fostering efficient operations and sustainable growth, which will benefit the best interests to all stakeholders, including employees, investors, shareholders, and other stakeholders. In this regard, the Board of Directors deems that there should be a better corporate governance policy, covering content, key principles, from structure, roles, duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors up to the principles of executive’s management with transparency, clarity and verifiability as a guideline for the management of the organization, it ensures that any operation of the company is fair and takes into account the best interests of all shareholders and stakeholders.

        In order to make the Company reliable for all shareholders and stakeholders and for the benefit of creating sustainable business value, meeting the expectations of the business sector, investors, as well as the capital market and society as a whole. Therefore, the Company has established a good Corporate Governance Policy based on the principles of good corporate governance for listed companies in 2017, which is prepared by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a guideline for the Corporate Governance of the Company.


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       In order to ensure that the Company’s operations are in accordance with international standard practices, adherence to business operations with transparency and fairness, as well as adherence to social responsibility and all stakeholders. Group according to good governance and business ethics. The Board of Directors therefore recognizes the importance of establishing “Anti-Corruption Policy and Whistle-Blowing or Complaints” aims to ensure that all personnel in the organization, including stakeholders and related parties, are aware of the Company’s intension and commitment, and use them as a guideline for common practice to achieve the objectives of such intension.


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       The Company operates its business under the framework of good governance, transparency and accountability, with a commitment to develop the business while creating a balance between the economy, society and the environment. In this regard, the Company is determined to maintain itself as a company that is a good corporate citizen in running its business sustainably and being able to manage its business to grow stably and be accepted in the society on the basis of Ethics and Good Corporate Governance Principles, as well as being able to generate returns for shareholders with efficiency, taking into account the impact of business operations on those involved in the Company in all aspects.


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