Because of our high quality in management, design, and resources allocation

Our company is widely accepted as an expert in electrical engineering and renewable energy with a complete service that elaborate client’s success under the ‘One-Stop Shopping’ concept.


Survey and Consultancy service

This service is tailored to identify a project’s BEP for electrical power and renewable energy business and projects. RSS2016 offers the optimum service solution experiences like no others. Our team of high profile electrical and renewable energy team of engineers will guide you through from the beginning to the end to ensure that you receive the maximum profit and benefit from the project.


Administration and Bureaucracy Service

This service is designed to handle administration documents and bureaucracy processes with governmental organisations for energy projects. We have a team of staff, who specialise in this area. Which will help shorten time and process of bureaucracy.


Financial Service

This service will help you find a suitable source of capital for your project and handle loan processes for you.


Designed under the budget that client’s needs.

Designing service to help you find the right solution with maximum results for your budget.


Design the simulation of manufacturing system

This service is aimed to visualise the energy generation to analyse the system and transmission to energy centres or local households.


Purchasing Service

RSS2016 is very selective when it comes to materials and parts. We choose the high quality products renowned locally and internationally based on functional purposes and budgets.


Construction Service

Construction and installation service is conducted by a professional team under close supervision of specialist engineers. Functional operations will be verified and project updates will be informed by project supervisor.


Verification Service

In order to maintain the higher standard, RSS2016 provides materials and parts verification service throughout the construction processes and when operated. As well as annual maintenance service under international requirement.


Training Service

RSS2016 offers staff training service, aimed to maximise the project’s highest efficiency. The training course is designed to upskill your staff by instructing them step-by-step from general knowledge/nature of the project’s operation to project’s directions and basic troubleshooting.


After- sales Service

To ensure the continual quality and persistency functional operation of your project, we offer professional after-sales service, including operation and parts schedule check-up throughout the warranty.

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